Meher Today – 11th May

Meher Today – 11th May

11 May 1927

Baba told Rustom privately that the building Baba was proposing should be completed before he speaks. “I will have many more important things to do once I break my silence,” Baba added, “including the perfection of my circle. But as long as Babajan is alive, the work of perfecting my circle is not possible. Therefore, I am very anxious to bring Meher Ashram to such a level that, after I speak, the running of the institution can be continued properly by a trustworthy and sincere worker like Borker, so I can be free to go on tour.”

11 May 1932

On Wednesday, 11 May 1932, Major General J. F. C. Fuller, a noted British military strategist and author, came to meet Baba.  Fuller asked Baba about the current political situation in the West and in India, and then inquired, “Why do you wish to establish your center in America?”. Baba replied, “Because I find there a flood of energy, though it is misdirected at the moment.”


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