Meher Today – 11th March

Meher Today – 11th March

11 March 1922

On 11 March 1922, the Hindu festival of Holi was celebrated with a game of atya-patya and later with the burning of a fire in an earthen pit. Baba himself had earlier brought a large branch of a felled tree in a small bullock cart from Kasba Peth. The wood was placed in the pit and lit, along with twigs and dry leaves. He explained, “The holi is symbolic of the fire of divine love and the wood represents the lower self which is to be burned in that fire.”

11 March 1927

A discussion took place later that day, 11 March, about the future Meher Ashram school and the publicity for it.

Baba wished the newspaper advertisements for the institution redrafted, as he did not wish the emphasis to be on the philanthropic, material benefits the students would receive but rather on their “spiritual training.” He said, “Neither worldly learning nor the ideal of universal love has any importance.” He then clarified what he meant, “I want to impart spiritual education which is obtained without any study; I will make the school the medium for this.”


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