Meher Today – 11th August

Meher Today – 11th August

11 August 1925

Lord Krishna’s birthday was celebrated at Meherabad on Tuesday, 11 August. Baba and the mandali personally bathed the schoolboys. Bhikolya entertained all with a bhajan program at 8:00 P.M., followed by a kirtan. The actual “birth ceremonies” were done at midnight, after which pedahs were distributed and coffee was served to the mandali.

11 August 1932

Baba goes on a picnic in Portofino, Italy. For his gopis, the times in Santa Margherita were happy and enjoyable days in their Beloved’s company. It was a very intimate time. Every day, Baba would sit on the rocks by the seashore as the group sunbathed and talked. Once, while they were discussing books, Baba smiled and gestured, “Learn to read me, for when you understand me, you will understand everything!”

11 August 1953

Every day from Tuesday, 11 August 1953 until the 19th, Baba would come to the mandali’s quarters, and after the utterance of God’s name seven times each as listed below, he would put his head on the feet of each member of the mandali:

Baidul — Ya Yezdan

Nilu — Parabrahma Paramatma

Aloba — Allah hu Akbar

Gustadji — Ahuramazda (seven times mentally)

Don — Beloved God

Pendu, Eruch, Vishnu, Nilu and Bhau — Paratpar Buddha

Kaikobad has his usual prayer or repetition of Baba’s name. Baba would also work with masts at this time.

11 August 1956

Baba visits Melbourne, Australia for the first time.

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