Meher Today – 10th March

Meher Today – 10th March

10 March 1936

During this period, the letters from Baba’s Western lovers often asked how to meditate and what to meditate on. To help them, Baba had a chart prepared for meditation. On 10 March 1936, he explained: “They must think, ‘I am not this body.’ ” The chart will help them meditate and they will escape from the rush of thoughts that crowd their minds during meditation.”

10 March 1949

Descending Taragarh, at five o’clock on the morning of 10 March, Baba entrained for Kishangarh. It turned out that the mast he had wanted to contact in Kishangarh had recently died, so Baba boarded a bus for Sojat, where he worked with a sixth-plane mast-saint known as Nuru Baba.

10 March 1950

On 10 March 1950 at 7:15 A.M., Baba, with the four companions, Gustadji, Baidul, Pendu and Eruch, proceeded by bus to Rishikesh, where he trekked for almost five hours and contacted 135 holy men — bowing down to different saints, sadhus and mahatmas. He and the companions returned by bus to Motichur at two o’clock that afternoon. Every sojourn was proving to be more and more trying.


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