Meher Today – 10th January

Meher Today – 10th January

10 January 1939

On 10 January 1939, Baba gave darshan continually from 7:30 in the morning until late that evening without taking food at Jabalpur.

Person after person passed before Baba. Finally, Chanji sent him a message: “What’s the hurry? Can’t you spare even a little time to eat?”

Baba replied, “Only in this hurried atmosphere is my work done, especially the work of ‘cleaning’ and ‘sweeping’ [of impressions].”

Darshan was given to women exclusively from 3:00 to 6:00 P.M. Since no man was allowed to be present, Mani read the alphabet board in Chanji’s place.

10 January 1953

Baba then amended his plans. He was to have remained in Allahabad for ten days, but since he finished his work there on 10 January, he thought of going to other places to contact masts before resuming giving mass darshans. Calcutta and Hyderabad were discussed, but in the end, Madras was selected. The mandali began making arrangements to depart.

10 January 1969

On Friday, 10 January 1969, Baba’s health had noticeably worsened. To Goher and the men, he said, “You ask me to eat, but you don’t give me what I ask for.

I will go to Guruprasad around April and will give darshan in whatever condition I may be in, according to Life Circular No. 71 — even if I have to do so lying down! Don’t call any doctor for one week more. After a week, you can do another blood test, and then, when I say, consult a doctor. Otherwise not.”


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