Meher Today – 10th August

Meher Today – 10th August

10 August 1926

On Tuesday, 10 August 1926, the Irani New Year was celebrated. All the mandali awakened early and bathed at five o’clock. The women mandali gave Baba a ceremonial bath. Afterwards, Baba applied attar (scented oil) to each of the men, and they had milk tea and grapes for breakfast. Cricket matches were held throughout the day.

10 August 1928

On 10 August, Mohan Shahane left the ashram to further his higher education. He and Gadekar had both been serving as teachers in the school. Baba did not wish Mohan to leave, but the young man was not deeply drawn to the spiritual life and wished to attend graduate school and pursue a Master’s degree. He had only been staying in the ashram to fulfill his father’s promise to Baba, which was that after Mohan’s college graduation he would stay with Baba for six months, and that period had now expired. Baba revealed to Kaka Shahane, “If Mohan stays with me, he will become internationally famous,” but Mohan decided to go his own way and left Baba for the rest of his life.

When Mohan was leaving, Baba turned to Chhagan and Padri and remarked sadly, “He will not see me again for 700 years.”

10 August 1962

Gulmai Irani stares up from a coma and loudly calls out Baba’s name with her last breath. The next day, Baba showers her coffin with roses as it is lowered into the grave at Meherabad.

10 August 1968

On 10 August, Bill Reading rode a bicycle to Meherabad, where he was given a tour by Padri and was introduced to Mohammed Mast. Padri coaxed the mast into shaking hands with Reading and, in his words, “The instant we touched hands a sensation not unlike a mild electric shock — minus the jolt and corresponding discomfort — swept through my body.”

Reading further recalled, “After I took some photographs of Mohammed, Padri suggested a cup of tea, which he served in his room. While talking to Padri the sensation of Baba’s ‘presence’ came over me. Tears welled up in my eyes and I started to weep. Baba’s presence seemed to emanate from Padri and his sincere and simple life.”

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