“Love can wipe away every weakness, every mistake” – Part 1

“Love can wipe away every weakness, every mistake” – Part 1

Source: AvatarMeher.org, AMB Hyderabad Center

Margaret Scott saw Baba again the following morning at 10:40 A.M. At this meeting Margaret asked, “Why did you say yesterday that I have not changed?”

Baba replied: “You loved me when you last saw me, and you love me now, so you have not changed. You thought I meant you have not tried, you have not been honest to my love, have not grown in love for Baba? Did you think I meant that?”

“I thought I failed you, that I made you suffer,” Margaret confessed.

“As for suffering, I have suffered for myself and for the whole world and mostly for my intimate ones; so, definitely, I have suffered for you. But you love me. Hence this suffering has been compensated.

“I know exactly how you have tried, what you doubt, how you have tried to overcome this confusion, and how you eventually have come to me. All that means that you have not failed me. Everyone commits mistakes unless one is perfect and one with God, but love for Baba wipes away the mistakes. We must remember that God is all Truth, all Beauty. And in our love for God, for Baba, we must be one hundred percent honest. Purity, honesty and love; God wants these three things. And you love Baba; so don’t bother about anything.

www.lordmeher.org [First ed], p3801
May, 1952; Myrtle Beach

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