Life in this world is like a game of cards

Life in this world is like a game of cards

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

Relaxing in Shendi, Baba played cards with the mandali until eleven o’clock and then ate lunch of bakri, hot dal, and mangoes.

Baba gave this short discourse:

Until God-realization, this life and world of existence is like a game of cards. When you play cards you feel pleased or disappointed depending on winning or losing the game. You become so excited and absorbed in playing that you forget everything else. But once you stop and again get busy in the ordinary affairs of life, you forget about the game of cards and all its pleasures, disappointments, concerns, and anxieties.

It is also similar in the case of the Realized Ones. To them the very life and existence of the world is a mere game of cards. Worldly success and failure, happiness and misery are no more lasting or significant than the emotions you experience during a game of cards., p816
May, 1927; Shendi (Near Ahmadnagar)

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