“The hypocrite deceives himself and others too”

“The hypocrite deceives himself and others too”

Source: AvatarMeher.org, AMB Hyderabad Center

“The only sin which God does not forgive is hypocrisy. The hypocrite deceives himself and others too. These days the hypocritical saints have increased in such numbers that, though I am the Ocean of Compassion, it has become nauseating even to me!”

He also said, “It is no sin if one does not believe in God, but to be a hypocrite is a sin!

If you have no faith, it does not matter. By coming to me you do not lower or raise my status. It is immaterial if you do not come to me. But when you come, if you continue being hypocritical, it displeases me. I will not be displeased if you speak against me or do not come to me. But I cannot tolerate hypocrisy because a hypocrite not only harms himself, but also disturbs the faith of others.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4688
May, 1960; Guruprasad

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