Human form and its attributes – Part-3

Human form and its attributes – Part-3

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

[Continued from previous post]

Baba then again addressed Ramjoo and motioned, “Now tell me whether you are a man or an animal.”

Ramjoo replied, “It seems that I am part man and part beast. But I do not understand fully what the natural love of angels is. What do you mean by that?”

Baba spelled out, “It is like this: A mother loves her child; she does not have to cultivate her love. This feeling of hers just happens and is natural, but it is not love for God. So also, the love of the angels encompasses many virtues, but it is not love for God. It is inborn in them — innate — and that is why it is called natural love.”

Baba then spoke about freedom from desires:

As long as a person is not free from desires, he is not ready for emancipation. Desires, both good and bad, are binding. Good desires bind a person with golden chains, and bad with iron ones. Why do you feel restless? Because you have a thousand thoughts of wife, children, and the world. One should be free of wishes and desires, but they are there. What creates them? What desires these desires, and what thinks these thoughts? The mind!, p1059
Aug, 1929; Harvan, Kashmir

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