Bhajans Hindi

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

  1. Prem Bhav Phailata Ja Pratap Ahir 7.3
  2. Kal Ko Tu Chod Chal Pratap Ahir 6
  3. Samaj Mana Pratap Ahir 5.5
  4. Rey Man Kar Tu Saral Pratap Ahir 7.15
  5. Kabhi To Chatega Pratap Ahir 8.5
  6. Kabhi To Chatega (With Commentary) Pratap Ahir 23
  7. Mujhe Aur Koi To Gham Nahee Pratap Ahir 9
  8. Mujhe Aur Koi To Gham Nahee (With Commentary) Pratap Ahir 12.3
  9. Tere Alingan Mey Prabhu (With Commentary) Pratap Ahir 9.5
  10. Tere Alingan Mey Prabhu Pratap Ahir 7.5
  11. Muhabbath Ke Tufaa Mein Pratap Ahir 7
  12. Muhabbath Ke Tufaa Mein (With Commentary) Pratap Ahir 11.5
  13. Humko Sare Baba Premi Pratap Ahir 5.5
  14. Aap Ki Khushboo Se Pratap Ahir 7
  15. Aap Ki Khushboo Se (With Commentary) Pratap Ahir 10.5
  16. About Pandurang Shastry & song Abhivadhan Lo Pratap Ahir 18
  17. Prabhu Aisee Koi Pratap Ahir 8
  18. Prabhu Aisee Koi (With Commentary) Pratap Ahir 13
  19. Tere Saye Mein Pratap Ahir 9
  20. Aaj Ka Din Kal Ke Din Se Pratap Ahir 5
  21. New Life Song - Suno Meher Baba Ki Kamosh vaani Pratap Ahir 11
  22. Tu Peele Peele Nori Hanumantha Rao 4
  23. Tu Bhaj Koi Bhi Naam Re Thade and group 8
  24. Sankaton Mein Dheer Do Thade and group 3.5
  25. Prabhu Main Charan Na - song Pratap Ahir & Gopi 6.5
  26. O Mere Humsafar Pratap Ahir 5
  27. Meher Ekam - song Pratap Ahir & Gopi 6
  28. Lagan Laagi Rahe Thade and group 6
  29. Laagi Re Laagi Re Prof Rathore 3
  30. Jhoom Jhoom Kar Nach Nach Kar Thade and group 7
  31. Ishtiaq-e-shouk - song Cyrus Khambatta 5
  32. Chalo Re Jeevan Ke Us Paar Nori Hanumantha Rao 6
  33. Bolo Bolo Jaya Jaya Nori Hanumantha Rao 9
  34. Bin Prem Ki Jyot Jalaye Nori Hanumantha Rao 5
  35. Ban Jao Aise Vishaal D.Sanjeev Rao & Group 6
  36. Baba Meher Ne Gazab Kar Dalo Chattisgarh Group 9.5
  37. Avatarey hai phir sey murari-song Digambar Gadekar 8
  38. Ab Zara Meher Meher Bol D.Sanjeev Rao & Group 5
  39. Banamey Yazdaan - song Soumya Khambatta 2.5


  1. I love you 💗 Meher

  2. Jai Baba to all who have made this possible. Great effort at taking Beloved Baba’s name to the masses.
    Keep it up.
    Jai Baba

  3. Jai Baba,

    We are very fortunate that we are able to hear these bajans/songs sung by the persons who were blessed to have his darshan /sahavas in his physical form. When we hear these songs we are very much touched with the love fragrance of Beloved Baba because these words directly touch our heart. Even our Beloved Meher Baba have heard them sung in front on Him.

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