Divine Grace leads to Pure Love – Part 1

Divine Grace leads to Pure Love – Part 1

Source: AvatarMeher.org, AMB Hyderabad Center

Baba stayed in Nasik for a few days, and on the morning of 28 May before breakfast, he delivered this discourse on love (which Nadine wrote down):

What is love? To give and never to ask. What leads to this love? Grace. What leads to this grace? Grace is not cheaply bought. It is gained by being always ready to serve and reluctant to be served.

There are many points which lead to this grace:

  • Wishing well for others at the cost of one’s self;
  • Never backbiting;
  • Tolerance supreme;
  • Trying not to worry, which is almost impossible, but try anyway;
  • Thinking more of the good points in others and less of their bad points.

When Christ said, “Love your neighbor,” he did not mean fall in love with your neighbor. If you do one of the above perfectly the rest must follow. Then grace descends. Have love; and when you have love, union with the Beloved is certain. When you love, you give. When you fall in love, you want. Love me in any way you like, but love me. It is all the same.

Love me. I am pure, the source of purity, so I consume all weaknesses in my fire of love.

Give your sins, weaknesses, virtues all to me – but give. I would not mind even one falling in love with me; I can purify. But when you fall in love with anybody else you cannot call it love.

Love is pure as God. It gives and never asks. To have such love, that needs grace.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1842
May, 1937; Nasik

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