“Develop the habit of instantaneous obedience”

“Develop the habit of instantaneous obedience”

Source: AvatarMeher.org, AMB Hyderabad Center

One night, after conversing with the mandali, the Master ordered all to go to their respective rooms to sleep. All did so except Rustom K. Irani and Faredoon, who went outside to the urinal. Baba accosted them, “Why did you two break my order?” Both men protested that they had not broken his order. Baba insisted, “I told all to retire to their rooms and you both went outside!”

They pleaded, “We had to urinate; how could we go to sleep?”

Baba explained, “You should have first gone to your room, lain on your beds for five minutes, and then gone outside.” They said they would do so next time and were pardoned.

In demanding obedience in such apparently unimportant matters, the Master was creating in each man a firm tendency toward absolute obedience to his orders – whatever they may be – so their intellects would gradually become nil and their egos give way to following him. During this period, Meher Baba eased the men’s complaints with this explanation:

If you do not develop the habit of instantaneous obedience to my words, how will you be able to obey me when I decide to give you that which is real? It is for your own spiritual benefit that I order you to do this or that. Remember when the time comes for the gift to be given you might miss that too! I am telling you because of that, for that moment is only a split second! If you miss that, then it is finished. That time won’t come again.

You will not be able to think at that time! You must be prepared to jump when I say, “Jump!” Otherwise, you will miss it. This is the reason why I am teaching you to obey me thus. Whenever I call you, drop everything and come. Whatever I tell you to do, do it without question – without thinking.

—www.lordmeher.org, p301
May, 1922; Manzil-e-Meem, Bombay

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