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  • 15 July 1952 – Baba and mandali arrive in Penn Station, NY and are driven to Scarsdale, NY to stay at the home of Kate Ferris, a friend of Filis Frederick.

    15 July 1962 – In honor of the 37th anniversary of […]

  • 9 July 1933 – Ruano Bogislav meets Baba for the first time in Portofino, Italy. In Portofino, Baba completes “Questions and Answers.”

    9 July 1923 – Baba breaks his liquid fast of six months and joins the […]

  • 8 July 1965 – On 8 July 1965, Purdom died in London at the age of 82 from a heart attack following an operation for a gall-bladder ailment that he had suffered from for some time. When the news was received at […]

  • 7 July 1933 – Baba arrives in Rome by train. He stays in the Hotel Elysee, Baba is driven around the seven hills of Rome and visits the Vatican to see St. Peter’s Basilica. He goes to Capitoline Hill, the Forum, a […]

  • 6 July 1932 – Baba arrives in Singapore. He is driven through the city. He sees the movie, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” at Capital Cinema.

    6 July 1933 – At midnight, 6 July 1933, Elizabeth drove Baba to the stati […]

  • 5 July 1939 – Baba would permit his close lovers to donate money for his cause whenever they were able to, and Raosaheb had sent Baba a check for Rs.100 at the beginning of July. On 5 July Baba sent him this […]

  • 4 July 1939 – On 4 July, Gulmai wept before Baba and bitterly complained about having to live apart from him (in Ahmednagar rather than on Meherabad Hill, as she had done before) because of Shireenmai. When Baba […]

  • 24th June 1939 – Chanji was sent to Bombay and Navsari the same day with his nieces Arnavaz and Nargis, who had been staying with the women during their summer holidays. Baba sent Chanji to Bombay again to see M […]

  • 22nd June 1932 – Baba lands in Shanghai, China, where he meets Kitty Davy’s brother, Herbert and Baba’s brother Jal. He then leaves by train for Nanking.

    22nd June 1949 – Baba enters the Blue Bus for the “Gr […]

  • 17th June 1952 – Baba gives a special message to Sufism Reoriented and indicates that he will send a charter before the end of the year.

    17th June 1953 – During the course of conversation that day (17 June) E […]

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