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  • 20 October 1933

    On 20 October, Elizabeth departed for New York. Talk of Baba’s departure began, and Baba made Nonny, Rano and Ruano promise to come to India for his birthday in February. The feelings of the […]

  • 19 October 1923

    Baba awakens the men mandali at 3 a.m. for a foot journey to Sakori. It was their third walking trek in just over a year. These tours would last for a week or more, and they would sometimes […]

  • 16 October 1949

    Meher Baba begins the New Life phase of his life.

    16 October 1950

    Baba and the mandali step out of the New Life in Mahabaleshwar for four hours. During this time Baba gives a sermon, now […]

  • OCTOBER 11, 1940

    Baba had an article prepared on the war. On October 11th, ?(1940)? he came to the women’s quarters and had it read aloud. All […]

  • October 10Th,

    When Baba returned to Satara, he again fasted two separate days — on the 10th and 12th of October — taking nothing on either day, not even water, for 24 hours. He also drove to Kolhapur on the 12t […]

  • OCTOBER 09, 1937

    October 09, 1937 – You Think I’m Cruel?

    EVER SINCE leaving India, Jean Adriel felt estranged. In India she had been ill and depressed, and on board the ship to France, she was ill and […]

  • October 8th, (1967)

    On Sunday, October 8th, (1967) as desired by Baba, Kishanchand Gajwani, Sohrabji Siganporia, Jal Dastur and Kishore Mistry came to Meherazad from Bombay. An International Tourist Fair was to […]

  • 2 October 1922

    From Monday, 2 October, all the men awoke at 4:00 A.M. and queued in front of the three bathrooms. The brisk, cold bath made them wide awake, and they sat still for one hour “in worship.” Exactly […]

  • 27 September 1922

    Baba recovered completely after a fortnight (two weeks), as he had predicted in Ajmer. On 27 September, he sang sweetly with the men during a session of devotional songs, as Adi played the […]

  • 2 September 1937

    The screenwriter, Alexander Markey arrived in Cannes on 2 September 1937 to see Baba about the possible film projects. After Markey’s long discussion with Baba about the films, the “Universal […]

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