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  • 22 January 1953

    Baba has his car stopped in Dowlaiswaram, near the Godavari river, where he dips his hands and feet into the water and washes his face. As the sun sets on the horizon. Baba explains the […]

  • 21 January 1953
    On Wednesday, 21 January 1953, at 7:00 A.M., Baba and the group left by car and buses. The tears of Tadepalligudem serenaded his farewell. Baba reached Pentapadu after half an hour, where he was […]

  • 20 January 1924

    Baba broke his prolonged fast on Sunday, 20 January 1924 and began eating solid food once every day. As mentioned throughout his life, the mandali were to observe that all of Baba’s actions […]

  • 19 January 1939

    Baba took the women to Sarnath on Thursday, 19 January 1939, where he spoke to them about Gautama the Buddha. Sarnath is where the Buddha first preached after he became enlightened.  Baba […]

  • 17 January 1861

    Perfect Master Tajuddin Baba is born.

    17 January 1948

    Baba begins a 40-day seclusion and fast.

    17 January 1951

    Baba contacts 24 masts (God-intoxicated souls) in the Hydrabad […]

  • 16 January 1953

    Baba’s first tour of Andhra, in the southern part of India.

    16 January 1964
    On 16 January, Baba dictated this message for his upcoming birthday:
    The aim of life is to love God. The goal of […]

  • 15 January 1933

    On Sunday, 15 January Baba traveled into the interior of Ceylon and stayed in a bungalow called Villa Valencia on a hill between the towns of Bandarawela and Diyatalawa, an area said to have the […]

  • 14 January 1953
    Baba went out to contact masts in Madras on 14 January, covering long distances on foot. One good mast was found living in the home of a Hindu, another in a mosque. A third mast contacted was Moti […]

  • 13 January 1923
    On Saturday, 13 January, the Master described to the mandali a dream he had had the previous night:
    I was traveling with the mandali by train. From the opposite direction, a long funeral […]

  • 12 January 1933

    Baba arrives in Colombo Ceylon. He stays at the White Horse Hotel for three days.

    12 January 1935

    At 11:00 A.M. on Saturday, 12 January 1935, Baba left for Hawaii and the Orient aboard […]

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