Bringing the best out of you

Bringing the best out of you

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

Art is one of the means through which the soul expresses itself, and inspires others. But to do that thoroughly, he [speaking about an actor to his mother in private interview] must have his inner emotions aroused thoroughly. If you feel that something checks you from expressing yourself, then you have to do one thing, that is, to adjust your mental attitude thus: just before you do anything, think, “I can and will express it thoroughly,” and every time you act you will find you are more convinced.

It is the mind that is closed. There are many actors, who, either through inferiority or through nervousness or dryness, feel that they cannot express their parts, and this negative feeling of the mind checks expression. While acting, think you are one of the greatest actors in the world and try to express yourself thoroughly. I will help you spiritually. Just think you are the greatest actor. Where’s the harm in thinking that? If it is not for “pride,” but for bringing the best out of you that you do it, then there is nothing wrong.

The Perfect Master, p 254, CB Purdom

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