Baba’s teachings combine both materialism and spirituality

Baba’s teachings combine both materialism and spirituality

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

Baba explained some of the aspects of his teachings and workings:

I wish to establish a new school of thought suitable to both the East and the West. If you review my past activities, teachings and workings, you will find that they contain the elements of all religions in one way or another. They combine the teachings of all the great Prophets of the past – Jesus, Zarathustra, Buddha, Krishna, Moses and Muhammad.

You will find in my teachings and activities both renunciation and involvement in the world and its affairs – sports and asceticism, vegetarianism and at times not, the wearing of modern and western clothes in the West and the garb of the sanyasi in the East. Materialism and spirituality are both combined., p1365
Mar, 1932; Aboard a ship to England

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