Baba’s advice to Krishna to get rid of undesirable thoughts

Baba’s advice to Krishna to get rid of undesirable thoughts

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

One day Krishna, while out on a walk, eyed a young woman. He began having undesirable thoughts, and he could not get them out of his mind. Distressed and feeling ashamed, he went to Baba’s room for nightwatch. When Baba asked what was wrong, Krishna told him what had happened. Telling him to wait, Baba went to the women and returned with a slip of paper on which were written the words:

Satchitanand, Paramanand, Meher Baba Vidnyanand

[All Truth, Knowledge and Bliss, God in the Beyond, Meher Baba the All-knowing One]

“From today, repeat these three names for fifteen minutes a day for seven days,” Baba instructed. To give Krishna the tune and beat, Baba stood in front of him and clapped as Krishna sang the line. Baba himself put Krishna in a room and closed the door. Fifteen minutes later, Baba came and asked Krishna how he felt. Krishna replied that the thoughts had ceased, and Baba caressed his face and assured him not to worry., p2515
Dec, 1945; Meherabad

Listen to the naam dhun of Satchitanand, Paramanand in the multimedia page.
Not sure of the tune is the same as given by Baba. But this tune is very popular.

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