“Anything that is done with love has perfect results”

“Anything that is done with love has perfect results”

Source: AvatarMeher.org, AMB Hyderabad Center

[Personal Interviews with Baba: A doctor and her sister]

Q. How can one be a good doctor and use medical science best ?

Baba. It is simple. Through Love. If you love your work, you can do it with love, and anything that is done with love has perfect results. To be a good doctor, always have in mind that to you all patients good or bad, big or small, are equal. Treat with as much care and interest a beggar as you would a millionaire. It is simple and practical, and yet a good many doctors do not observe this simple rule. Only if a doctor realizes that One Infinite God is within all, then that doctor works like a saint. I am a doctor of souls. To me, good or bad, all are lovable; and I help each according to his need. But although it is simple for you to be a doctor, it is very difficult to practise it. So many things interfere, reputation, name, money, society, circumstances, and so on. Is it clear ? You can be a good doctor if you keep this in mind.

(Forty-three interviews with Baba, 1934, Zurich)

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  1. This was such a beautiful reminder that love must be at the core of all action.

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