You should be afraid of dishonesty but not weaknesses

You should be afraid of dishonesty but not weaknesses

The spot where Baba held this meeting mentioned in this post which is next to the hut

Source:, AMB Hyderabad Center

Before leaving Mahewa, Baba took the mandali to a spot near Meherastana. After returning, at about 8 A.M., he sat outside his room and discussed matters with the local workers. The main topic hinged on a difference of opinion between Keshav and Gaya Prasad. Baba observed:

“Such differences of opinion among my men have been the same throughout eternity – even in the time of Krishna, Ram, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad – they are always being brought to my notice. I am in the habit of listening to such disputes since eternity. It breaks the monotony!

“Until one realizes me, one cannot escape the ego; even advanced beings cannot escape the egoistic urges. The slightest touch of ego can bring down a fourth plane yogi. One is safe from it only after reaching the fifth plane. So now who else has some complaint?”

Pukar began to complain about something, and Baba interrupted him, stating, “Everyone should be free and frank and make the best use of this opportunity I am giving to enable you to unload your minds. None should hesitate to speak freely.”

After the misunderstanding between Gaya Prasad and Keshav was ironed out, Baba commented,

“I bring out weaknesses because I love you. Be honest; weaknesses are there. You should not be afraid of them. You should be afraid of dishonesty. Who doesn’t get bad thoughts? They are the foundation of life. No house can stand without its foundation.

“Thoughts may be best or worst, but one should take care of one’s actions. Had it not been for the weaknesses in everyone, there would have been no difference between me and you.”,3451
Feb, 1954; Mahewa (Hamirpur District)

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