7th Annual Legacy Programme

7th Annual Legacy Programme

Source: AMBPPCT.org,Avatar Meher Baba Trust ,Ahmednagar

Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust, Ahmednagar
7th Annual Programme on Discovering the Avataric Treasure
Friday and Saturday 10th and 11th February 2017

The Avatar Meher Baba Trust, through its Library Committee, proposes to hold a two-day programme on “Discovering the Avataric Treasure” on Friday and Saturday the 10th and 11th February 2017 at Meherabad. The programme will consist of presentations related to Beloved Baba’s life and work covering the period from 1931 to the end of 1938. This period was spent by Him in touring the Western countries and taking up various phases of His work of contacting the masts and beginning of the Blue Bus Tours. Some of the major aspects of this period are listed below to be considered for the PowerPoint Presentations during the 7th annual legacy programme. Presentations based on any of the historical events of this period will be welcome for this programme.

The programme will run in four sessions on two days and will include PowerPoint presentations and short films on any of the aspects of this particular period.

Topics could be:

  • 1. Baba’s third trip to Persia
  • 2. Baba’s meeting with Mahatma Gandhi
  • 3. Baba’s visit to England
  • 4. Baba’s first trip to America
  • 5. Baba’s several trips to Europe and America and round the world
  • 6. Baba’s Hollywood message
  • 7. Baba’s film script “How It All Happened”
  • 8. Baba’s Nasik ashram
  • 9. Baba’s 1937 birthday
  • 10. Preparation for the Blue Bus Tour
  • 11. Any topic of your choice between this period

Programme stipulations: each presentation will be given half an hour’s time only. If more presentations are received, then the presentations received at the last minute will be given only ten to fifteen minutes’ time depending upon the relevance of the presentations to this year’s theme.

In the 6th annual programme in February 2016, Baba’s post-silence phase up to 1930 was considered. Naturally, the 7th annual programme will be covering the period from January 1931 to December 1938.

Interested Baba lovers may communicate their willingness to participate in this programme by submitting the presentation summaries by 30th September 2016 to Gokaran Shrivastava, Librarian, Meherabad Hill Library, hill.library@ambppct.org or gokaranshrivastava@gmail.com, 0241-2458473.

A few keynote addresses of about one hour each may be welcomed. The maximum limit is three such presentations. The interested presenters should indicate their inclination for giving a keynote address. For this kindly maintain the stipulated date for submitting the abstract.

Please note that this is a repeat announcement, and one slot of one hour is still open, so please send your entries before the September end deadline. All other stipulations remain the same as before. (Date of repeat announcement: 1 July 2016.) For any further clarification please contact Jal P. Dastoor, Coordinator, Library Committee at Meherabad, jaibaba@ambppct.org or 0241 2548777.

Shridhar Kelkar,
Chairman, Avatar Meher Baba Trust

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