Meher Today – 29th February

Meher Today – 29th February

Jai Meher Baba to you all!

We have been so busy! In fact, I decided to look at our statistics to see what the numbers were this pilgrim season. We have had 200 pilgrims (our full capacity) four different days. This of course does not count the Amartithi period when we had 300 pilgrims. Then I looked at how many days we had 150 pilgrims or more-24 days. I did not count days where we had 149 or less. This is a building where we wondered when we opened how often we may use the upstairs rooms. Remember, at the Meher Pilgrim Center we only had 56 beds. This is a big jump-and the number of pilgrims coming has jumped with the size of the building.

Oh, I wanted to share with you something I saw on the road to Ahmednagar one day in January. I saw this bullock cart with a man on it coming down the road. And, he was talking on a cell phone! It looked so strange! Here was an ancient way of travel (bullock cart) and the latest of modern technology (cell phone), together, in use!

Friday 29 February.I slept late, and then went for a nice long walk. I got ready in time to take our bus to the Trust Office in Ahmednagar. I stopped to see Meher Tailor and order twenty-five more Baba flags. We will use them during the New Life Walk we have every 16th October from the Trust to the Samadhi.

After going to the bank, I went home and then rode my bicycle to the B. T. Café. My bicycle rides like a tank. I’ve had it since 1990. As I was chatting with a woman at the Café, she asked if I knew anyone who had a bicycle she could use while she was here at Meherabad. I said, “Yes, you could use mine.” I found it is more comfortable to walk. I think I need a new bicycle.

The weather has really begun to get warmer; I think I may buy a nice big cooler next week. It is hard to work on the quilt in my room when it is so hot!

In Beloved Baba’s sweet love, Judy