Figure 2. “Mind’s Journey through the Universe”

Source Diagrams

TLD/FF 27-5-26 draft A, p.1

TLD/FF: 27-5-26 draft B, p. 1

ChD 62: p. 349

TTL/FF p. 23

TTL p. 23

From “Notes on the Figures” (p. 525)

On TTL p. 23, though no figure has been drawn, a block of space (about 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches up and down) has been reserved for it typographically by indentation of the text on the top left-hand side of the page. TTL/FF p. 23, which reproduces the typographic content of TTL p. 23 in facsimile, has an illustration filled in in handwriting; TLD/FF: 27-5-26 draft A, p.1 and TLD/FF: 27-5-26 draft B, p. 1, separate typed versions of this same page, have their own hand-drawn versions. All three of these appear to be based on the rough hand-drawn figure in ChD 62: p. 349. All four of these figures appear in the same positions in their respective pages—that is, in the top-left corner; their content is roughly the same. They have served as the basis for Figure 2 here.