Meher Today – 1st March

Meher Today – 1st March

1 March 1936

After having a look at Coonoor and a few other places, Baba returned to Mysore on the evening of 1 March, indicating, “Ooty is a very good place for the Westerners to stay, but we will decide definitely about it later on.”

1 March 1950

On Wednesday, 1 March 1950, at one o’clock in the afternoon, Baba bathed with the second can of Ganges water from Rishikesh, but before he did, he cut a small lock of hair from each of the eight companions now under Plan Three.

Later, at four o’clock, Keki and Freiny Nalavala gave dhansak (a Parsi dish of rice and dal cooked together with meat) as bhiksha to Baba and the companions at Kumar’s home. Baba and the men wore their white kafnis, green turbans and white canvas shoes. Burjor Chacha was present, and secretly took two photographs of the event.

1 March 1954

Baba gives discourse, “What Baba Means by Real Work” at Rajahmundry, Andhra.



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