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Latest Updates

  • 7 November 1926

    Baba went on a fast, taking only water and nothing else. The building materials were divided into lots to be sold at a public auction, which was arranged by Adi’s father Khansaheb and was held […]

  • 4 November 1929
    Baba and the group left Fahrej on Monday, 4 November 1929. Three guides were taken with them to show the way. The heavily loaded bus had much difficulty in covering the sandy tract; the tires […]

  • 29 October 1922
    A bullfight was to be held at the Plaza de Toros on the afternoon of 29 October, and Baba surprisingly asked them to buy tickets. Those who wanted to go had told Baba that it would be a good […]

  • 28 October 1953

    Baba requests his followers to keep awake from midnight of the 28th to 1:00 a.m. of the 29th, repeating audibly and without break any name of God for one hour.

    28 October 1959

    Baba […]

  • 25 October 1927

    On Tuesday, 25 October 1927, Baba went with the boys and mandali on a picnic to a place two miles from Arangaon. Tea was served there and Baba relaxed by playing chess with Chanji. Gulmai […]

  • 24 October 1933

    Baba arrives in Madrid and visits the most crowded part of the city, Puerta del Sol, numerous times.

    24 October 1951

    On Wednesday, 24 October 1951, Baba left Khojaguda Hill at 3:30 in the […]

  • 21 October 1937

    One visitor whom Baba did permit to stay in Cannes was Mercedes de Acosta from Hollywood, who arrived on 21 October 1937. One afternoon Baba went for a drive with her and he decided to take […]

  • 20 October 1933

    On 20 October, Elizabeth departed for New York. Talk of Baba’s departure began, and Baba made Nonny, Rano and Ruano promise to come to India for his birthday in February. The feelings of the […]

  • 19 October 1923

    Baba awakens the men mandali at 3 a.m. for a foot journey to Sakori. It was their third walking trek in just over a year. These tours would last for a week or more, and they would sometimes […]

  • 16 October 1949

    Meher Baba begins the New Life phase of his life.

    16 October 1950

    Baba and the mandali step out of the New Life in Mahabaleshwar for four hours. During this time Baba gives a sermon, now […]

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